OwnFone is a small and light cellphone which lacks in features but is very accessible as a...

OwnFone, however, takes the opposite approach, offering an inexpensive, easy to use handset stripped down to the bare essentials.

OwnFone measures 7 mm (0.2 inches) thick and weighs 40 g (almost 1.5 oz), which is around a third the weight of an iPhone 4 and significantly thinner. The device’s battery is good for around three days, or if you prefer to keep it switched off, a recharged battery should last about a year. It also supports call-forwarding, so you can divert calls from your smartphone if doing something potentially hazardous to expensive gadgetry.

When purchasing an OwnFone, customers are able to personalize the phone’s color and design to their taste. A monthly plan can be chosen at various price points, starting at £7.50 (US$12) per month for 50 minutes of calls. Should one ever wish to change the numbers on the OwnFone, this can be done for free by ringing the OwnFone helpline, while new contact buttons can be purchased for £5 (US$8).


~ por renatomey em 28/08/2012.

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